Today we will be examined one of the apps that helps us save our notes that developed last months of 2020 and launched the first days of 2021.  Heynote app allows us to write customizable notes on stock home and lock screen wallpapers. Do not worry about your wallpaper because Heynote writes your notes directly on stock wallpaper which also can be reset any time. That is one of the ways of displaying your notes on wallpaper. Our phones have an important place in our lives and we use them frequently during the day. So while you are using your phone you will be able to see your notes. It is similar to having your notes on your fridge. But the faster way for you to take and carry your notes. Also by using Heynote you will save our World too while you are not using papers to take your notes.

Heynote could be used to motivate yourself too. If you want to motivate or remind anything yourself, you just need to write that sentences or keywords. Then Heynote will save and show them to you on your lock screen or home screen. You will be able to customize each of your notes (position on the screen, font color, font family, transparency… etc). In any of these operations, Heynote does not require any other application.

Heynote is completely free and only requires a few permissions that enable storing notes locally, automatically setting the wallpaper and sending if any errors acquire and crash reports back to the developer. Do not worry about the storage of your phone while downloading this application, because it is really tiny app such as 3.2M. There is one more privilege by Heynote, it is without advertising. So do not hesitate to give it a try if you want to have your notes at hand in a faster and different way than fridge or papers. You can download Heynote from Google Play Store or any way to get apk version. Developers of Heynote are still working on downloading this application from AppStore. Do not worry they are really hardworking developers that we understood from the version of the application such as 2.0.13.

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