Flower Care at Home

One of the most important steps in home flower care: pot selection and pot replacement

One of the most important and first steps of flower care is to buy a pot suitable for the plant you will grow. If you are going to grow plants whose roots do not need to go too deep, you should be careful not to make the pot too deep, and for your flowers that grow by spreading over larger areas, you should choose larger pots. However, be careful, first of all, you should not add your seedling or seeds to a very large pot, you should change the pot at regular intervals in accordance with the development of your flower.

Not all flowers grow in every soil, after all: Soil selection

It is very important to be careful in soil selection, which is considered one of the basic steps of home flower care. Otherwise, the flower will not be able to obtain the nutrients and other beneficial substances it needs from the soil it is bound to and will be short-lived. In general, peat, a soil rich in organic matter, is recommended for house plants, but this will again vary depending on the plant you choose.

Even when it matters: watering flowers

Flower irrigation is very important as it is the most frequently repeated part of flower care. It should never be forgotten that the conditions such as changing the pot, soil selection, temperature and humidity balance of the environment are sufficient when it is checked once or several times a year, but irrigation can be done even once a day.

Of course, how often you will water can vary greatly depending on the type of flower you will grow. For example, orchids and violets are generally watered every 4 to 7 days, while cacti require watering once or twice a month.

She needs to love her environment: temperature, light and humidity.

One of the vital issues for flowers is the temperature and humidity balance of their environment and the sunlight they receive. Although this situation also varies according to its type, there are important points you need to know.

For example, even a flower that loves moisture, such as violet, may not be happy in a very hot or very humid environment. For this, even if you are going to grow it in a very humid environment such as a kitchen, if you cook food that will steam too much during the day, ensure the temperature and humidity balance by ventilating the area you are in.

Pay attention to seasonal changes: What you need to pay attention to at home flower care

You have chosen the most suitable pots and soil for your flowers, changed the pot nicely, chose the most suitable point for it in terms of temperature, humidity and light, and did not miss watering. So is it done? Of course not!

In the periods we call seasonal transitions, in the spring and autumn months and in the winter season, which can be described as a rest period, in short, all the conditions you provide for flowers at different times of the year should be under your supervision.

You don’t have to buy it ready: Making flowers at home

In fact, you can prepare home-made flower enthusiasts, which are known as “flower enthrallers” in the market, maybe you do not fully understand what is in their content, and show similar effects to the effects of materials, many of which also contain chemicals. Let’s tell you how to make these homemade flower enthusiasts, which work for many flowers from geraniums to orchids.

Boiled egg juice is the most common and natural flower substitute in homes. It may sound interesting if you’ve never heard of it before, but this water is particularly effective on geraniums.

If you ask how it is applied, first of all, you boil the eggs well and eat them with pleasure. (2-3 eggs will be enough) Meanwhile, you are waiting for the water you take out the eggs to come to room temperature, in other words to cool. When it comes time to water your flower, you pour the cooled water into the soil, leaves, and flowers in a way that never comes, and that’s it. You will start to get results in about 1 week.

Support is a must if they bend their neck: the mixture that quickly revives fading flowers

If the flower boosting methods are insufficient and your flowers bend their neck, there is another mixture you can get support. A simply prepared mix of banana peel, coffee and egg shells. You bring these three simple ingredients together and blend them to obtain a homogeneous consistency, then add them to the soil of your plant with a spoon, just like fertilizing, and start to wait for the results. It’s that simple and economical.

flowers give you peace of mind …

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