8 Golden Rules to be Effective on Instagram

If you want to be an effective user on Instagram and take photos that everyone will like, you can follow the steps below. With a few simple suggestions, you can create a profile that everyone will like. Creating an impressive profile is easier than you think!

Pay Attention to Username selection

When choosing an Instagram username, an easy to remember and understandable name should be chosen. If the personal name is to be excluded, a name suitable for the theme of the page must be chosen. For example, if you are going to take landscape photographs, DoğaGezgini would be a suitable name

Differentiate Profile Picture

Using your own photo instead of an object will attract the attention of the followers. It is important to take a photo that reflects his personality rather than a standard face pose. If you have hobbies related to the sea, you can use a frame from your sailing or travels if you are a traveler.

Select Theme

Set a theme for the photos you will post from your hobbies. You can always get out of the theme, but for example, the followers of someone who takes sports photos will also be sports fans. Sports fans will follow you and “like” your photos.
Are you in love with fashion? You can focus on photos on trendy clothes, colors and styles.
Do you love the food? You can post photos about the food.
For example, the theme of my personal Instagram account is about travel and I mainly share landscapes and historical pictures from the places I go

Capture Your Best Picture with Instagram Filters

You should be able to use the Instagram app in the best way possible. Take as many photos as you can and make it prettiest with photo editing with filters. An influencer on Instagram is often the person who best practices taking a photo. The filters I personally use the most are Lux, Vignette, Sharpen, Saturation, and Brightness

Use Apps You Can Edit Photos

People using iPhone can edit their photos with Snapseed or Colorsplash, except for Instagram filters. People using Android can use PicSay Pro or PicsPlay Pro. You need to edit your photos before applying Instagram filters. With these applications, you can edit photos and give photo effects from the photos you can create on Instagram.

Take Hundreds of Photos

You don’t have to post all the photos you take, but as long as you don’t post between 1-10 photos a day on average, you will lose the interest of your followers. For this reason, the photos that you can post when you cannot take photos should be on your phone.
Additionally, the more photos you take, the more specialized you become, and the more beautiful the photos you take become. Take lots of photos

Use Symbols In Text Section

These icons can be fun or friendly. Photographs should be entertaining while providing information.

Take an artistic approach to your shots

Take different photos by taking photos from different angles and distances. Color combinations or a new model can be very interesting. You can also make it original with photo editing. For example, if you have a multi-colored door, you can make it artistic with filters. If you ask how to take a photo, I explained the photo shooting techniques in detail in my article “9 Golden Rules for Taking Impressive Photos in Instagram”

Good work

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