10 Songs to Listen to While Playing Sports

1-My Dreams – Inna

Do you know that you can increase your body temperature with the music you listen to? You can adjust your body temperature and exercise more efficiently with the music you choose. While fast tempo music creates a heating effect in the human body, slow and low rhythm music provides a feeling of coolness.

2-Lullaby – Sigala

The melodic, harmonic and relaxing effect of music balances the mood and increases efficiency while doing sports. Research has proven that music has a strong impact on mental health.

4-I Know You – Craig David

Music affects a person’s mood a lot. The type of music you prefer while doing sports contributes to increasing your motivation.


You can observe your performance by trying it outdoors or in indoor gyms.

6-BOOM Tiësto – Sevenn

Studies show that those who listen to music while doing sports become less aware of the effort they make. It reveals that a distraction in this way increases the performance of athletes up to 15%. Experts say high-tempo music is much more effective.

7-Kanye West – Stronger

We all know the power of music in terms of memory. When we listen to a song, we embark on a journey towards the memory we associate with it completely, we become “there”. It is known that this emotional power of songs improves motivation and this in turn improves physical performance.

8-Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

Many studies have revealed that music has an important effect on changing people’s mood and finding themselves. Listening to music can help to avoid all negativities, and it also has a positive effect on your performance by increasing your mood during exercise.

9-Eminem – Lose Yourself

We all know the power of rhythm! High-tempo music creates excitement in the brain, and this excitement causes movement in the listener. Therefore, listening to music while doing sports increases your movements and enables you to experience a much more effective performance.

10-Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Music is food for the heart as well as food for the soul. Music, which helps to heal diseases, can speed up the treatment process of heart diseases. It normalizes heart rhythms and regulates blood pressure.


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